Shine a light on … Silent Auction Preview

A selection of our silent auction items, details below.

Item 1: Traditional Ukrainian sweets made by Svitlana

Svitlana, has been living in the area since October 2022 under the Government scheme “Home for Ukraine” due to the war. She has kindly donated these treats and she tells me:

“I have four children. I have a master’s degree in economic law, but that is not very useful for me here yet. I currently work at Butlins, study at Taunton and Bridgwater College, am a member of the Lib Dems and help with canvassing in our area as well as volunteering for the Minehead Male Voice Choir and St Margaret’s Charity Shop.

I am also taking steps towards opening my own small business, participating in fairs and charity events, such as “Discover Ukraine”.

Last year I was faced with the fact that in our area a lot of apples go to waste. Somerset is a place famous for its apples and cider. And I began to ask for apples from those who did not need them and prepare apple pies for the tea break in the Choir and then several types of apple jam, with ginger, candied orange peel, strawberries and chili. And I participated in fairs with these products, where they were successful.

Then I remembered about Zefir. These are traditional Ukrainian sweets, popular in post-Soviet countries. It is based on apple and berry puree, and also contains egg white, sugar, agar-agar, and water. There’s no milk, no fat, no flour, so it’s gluten free, and low sugar. This is a type of healthy sweets. I introduce this product to local residents, and it becomes popular. Although it looks like meringue in appearance, it is not crispy and not so sweet, it looks like an apple or berry soufflé. I also gave a presentation about Zefir at Taunton College on the topic “Apple Somerset – the new homeland of Ukrainian Zefir.”

Item 2: Hand-Crafted Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl Earrings

These hand-crafted Sterling silver freshwater pearl earrings are truly unique one offs.

The artist who has made them wishes to stay anon, and only I and this person know the true value of these precious beauties.

Item 3: Wabbit

‘Wabbit’- Watercolour framed, in oak, 2008. Signed early work by award winning Somerset Artist Shelley Dyer-Gibbins.

Item 4: Burnham Bay 1/20 print, wooden frame, by local artist.

Item 5: Wooden Bird Mansion

Bird Mansion by Chris. Chris creates beautifully intricate handcrafted woodwork as a hobby. He says this helps him cope with his disabilities.

Item 6: Artisan chopping board with beautiful bespoke engravings by Tim.

Tim’s engravings has been a focus for him, helping him with his mental health.

Item 7: Paddy Ashdown signed book, A Brilliant Little Operation; The cockleshell Heroes ….

Item 8: Iconic Burnham-on-Sea light house beech photo, mounted & framed

Item 9: Claire Sully vote Claire Orange Tee-Shirt, just 1 of 3 in the whole wide world of this unique design🙂

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