Another hustings cancelled in Bridgwater as Labour refuse to attend ALL hustings

Labour candidate, Leigh Redman, has further evaded scrutiny from the residents of Bridgwater Burnham and Highbridge after turning down the offer of a debate from Claire Sully, the Liberal Democrat candidate for the new Bridgwater constituency.

Leigh Redman failed to attend two hustings events which took place in Bridgwater, and his refusal to attend two others contributed to the cancellation of hustings in Bridgwater and Highbridge. He also declined an invitation to attend the NFU hustings on June 27, which was yesterday also cancelled.

It means the Labour candidate has not attended a single hustings event during the campaign, depriving constituents in Bridgwater, Burnham and Highbridge the opportunity to scrutinise his views and Labour policies.

His disappointing absence from hustings events prompted Claire Sully to invite the Labour candidate to put forward three dates and times that he would be available for a debate, writing to each candidate with her proposal on Saturday, June 22.

However, the Labour candidate’s refusal on June 26 has put an end to any hope of a debate on all policies which includes Labour.

While the Labour candidate is nowhere to be seen, Claire Sully has been a prominent figure during the campaign, meeting residents, getting involved in community projects, accepting every hustings invitation and standing up to scrutiny.

“The Labour candidate’s refusal to engage in a debate during this campaign is disappointing but predictable,” said Claire.

“He has avoided scrutiny at every turn. I think he’s let down the residents of Bridgwater, Burnham, Highbridge and North Petherton by being absent from hustings during this campaign, depriving constituents of an opportunity to question him on his views and policies. If he cannot or will not stand up to and challenge the Conservatives, then I will.

“But this is reflective of Labour’s campaign more generally in Somerset. This week it was confirmed by the Financial Times that Labour were abandoning Bridgwater in favour of Plymouth, effectively admitting that they cannot challenge the Tories in Bridgwater, while the Lib Dems can.

“I have engaged with a wide range of communities from right across the constituency, and it’s been incredible to meet such amazing people doing wonderful things to better communities.

“As an MP, I will be visible and accessible to all, and not hide away like Leigh Redman and the current Tory MP for Bridgwater.

“The Lib Dems are on the surge in Bridgwater and across Somerset, making the election in Bridgwater a shoot-out between the Lib Dems and the Conservatives.  You can join the surge and vote Claire Sully and the Liberal Democrats on July 4.”


  1. Neil Johnson on June 26, 2024 at 12:10 pm

    Go Claire. You really are a driving force. Keep up the good work. Xx

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