Meeting held at Highbridge Railway Station with GWR to push for upgrades

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A meeting has been held at Highbridge Railway Station with train operator GWR to push for upgrades to the station.

The Town Council is seeking an overhaul and discussed several potential upgrades with Luke Farley, transport integration manager from GWR, to develop several projects.

Burnham and Highbridge’s Mayor Cllr Lesley Millard, pictured at last week’s meeting, says: “The first project comes from the council’s Climate and Ecology Working Group who are aiming to improve public transport and connectivity in both towns. They are looking to link buses, trains, cycle routes and footpaths.”

“The Town Council is also seeking to develop Highbridge’s Regeneration Plan. They intend to review it in the light of recent events and create an Action Plan that will deliver its aims.”

“One element of the original plan was centred on the train station. The Travel Plan will meet some of the objectives but we also seek to enhance the Station site and encourage economic development.”

“The Town Council recently challenged GWR about lack of accessibility at the station. It is important that all this work comes together under one project.”

“The meeting set the foundations for the project. Luke has agreed to allocate £5,000 to provide a Travel Plan for Highbridge. He has also given us the contact details of other agencies who we can work with to establish a Strategic Plan of work for the next 3 years.”

“We were lucky that Somerset Councillor, Claire Sully, was able to join us. She will be supporting us on the project, representing us at Somerset Council.”

“Personally, I am happy that we have established a team to push this agenda forward. Luke will be sharing his ideas at our next meeting at the beginning of December. I look forward to working in partnership to improve Highbridge Station for our residents and visitors.”

Claire Sully, who is the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for the new Bridgwater Constituency which includes Highbridge, adds: “I am working with, supporting and helping the Town Council to get the best outcomes for local people by working with partners, Somerset Council and GWR, in this case.”

“Rather than solely see the challenges or talk about problems, we are looking at solutions that will build on the deep-rooted pride in our strong communities, throughout the constituency. What shines through for me today is how passionate the Town Council are for delivering for the local community, here in Highbridge.”

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