National Press Support Evercreech Couple’s Plea for Help

Since my blog article about Teddy’s and Sossa’s desperate situation, The Daily Mirror, Daily Express and Somerset Live have all covered their story.

Their GoFundMe page has seen an incredible response since this wider publicity, achieving their first fundraising milestone and they are about to hit their next target.

Teddy and Sossa are constituents in my Mendip South Ward. Sossa (a US citizen) is one year off from applying for Permanent Residence in the UK, but her application could be rejected if she were to access life-saving public funds, as her visa takes no account of kidney failure or any further hardships thrust upon upstanding people when it states carelessly, “no access to public funds”.

They need immigration to advance their case by 12 months – and I am looking into how we can make that happen.


  1. Teddy on September 11, 2022 at 5:11 pm

    Thank you so much for doing your utmost to raise the profile of our case Counsellor Sully, and to all the readers of your site, thank you for taking the time to help, the future of our family life depends upon our situation being seen and heard by the right people.

    With immense gratitude and respect,

    Teddy, Sossa and Sirius x

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