The Great Mendip South Quizzer Answers (don’t peek before doing the quiz!)

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For a simple guide to changes at Somerset Council for communities and Parish Councils in Mendip South click here.

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Q.1 What is vesting day?
A. The date the new Unitary Council takes over the Districts’ responsibilities.

Q.2 What services will Somerset Council now take over, following April 1st.

A. Housing, Social Care, Planning, Highways, Education, Public Health, Libraries, Recycling and much more besides – will all come under Somerset Council.

Q.3 Who are your County Councillors in Mendip South?

A. Cllr Claire Sully & Cllr Alex Wiltshire

Q.4 How many Parish Councils in Mendip South?

A. 9. Baltonsborough, Butleigh, West Pennard, East Pennard, Pilton, Evercreech, Batcombe, Lydford, Ditcheat.

Q.5 Who has Somerset Council taken over planning services from (in Mendip South)?

A. Mendip District Council

Q.6 How many residents does Somerset have?

A. Around 500,000

Q.7 What is Somerset Councils budget?

A. Over 1 Billion

Q.8 What is the largest Village in Mendip South?

A. Evercreech

Q.9 What is a Unitary Authority?

A. Unitary authority in local government, a single-tier authority which replaces a two-tier structure.

Q. 10 What makes you proud of living in Somerset?

Open question. We will publish some of the most creative and inspiring responses.

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