Watch this space – in Bridgwater & Burnham – for a Lib Dem general election win!

Liberal Democrats are known for scoring results that may not be predicted by a standard polling model or national trends, our results in numerous recent by-elections have reflected that, including huge Liberal Democrat victories in Tiverton and Honiton, North Shropshire, Chesham and Amersham and of course Somerton and Frome, all of which were traditionally Conservative-held seats.

In local elections we have regularly outperformed both Conservatives and Labour across the region and the country.

Bridgwater constituency local elections has been positive and in the last real electoral test in the constituency, the 2022 Somerset Council elections, the Lib Dems finished a comfortable second behind the Conservatives, Labour a distant third place. Since that time, Tory mismanagement of the economy and our essential services has got even worse, so I’m confident we can gain even more votes in the next general election.

Lib Dems have the potential to reach across the aisle and connect with otherwise partisan voters who can unite on wanting to see a locally driven change.  We are running a campaign that focuses on the issues that matter to local people.

I know the challenges facing people in this constituency, because I am making sure I get involved, working from the ground up, in our communities, and I am actively working on the solutions now.

The 20% polled is already a significant increase on previous results and polls, but I would say “watch this space”, because unlike other parties, we are already hard at work to make a difference in Bridgwater and Burnham-On-Sea area (just check my website to see that!), and I don’t think that anyone should ever underestimate people’s ability to think independently from what the statistics tell them they should think.

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