IFS research shows Lib Dem plans do more for most vulnerable, with everyone poorer under Labour

Research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, the UK’s leading economic research group, has suggested that the Liberal Democrats’ plans for Britain will do more for the most vulnerable in society than Labour.

The group’s research also suggests that, under Labour, everyone in society will be worse off.

Parties released their manifestos earlier this month, pitching their policies to voters, and analysis from the IFS puts the poorest in society nearly £600 better off under Liberal Democrat proposals, while under Labour the most vulnerable will be poorer.

Liberal Democrat policies include energy discounts for the most vulnerable people in society to combat the Conservative-made cost-of-living crisis, while policies to reverse tax cuts for bankers and a windfall tax on the super profits of oil and gas companies will see investment directed into public services to help the poorest in our country.

The Liberal Democrat manifesto is a fair deal for all. With Keir Starmer’s Labour having lurched to the right, abandoning the party’s socialist roots, the Liberal Democrats are the only real alternative to the Conservatives at this election.

The Lib Dems could be just a four-seat swing from becoming the official opposition after this election, relegating the Tories to third.

But it is only possible if the Liberal Democrats can win seats such as Bridgwater.

On July 4, choose the real tactical vote. The one that consigns the Conservatives out of opposition and into third. Vote for your hard working community champion Claire Sully and the Liberal Democrats.

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