Lib Dems continue surge, making beating Tories to official opposition possible

Our manifesto has galvanised so much support, the Liberal Democrats could now oust the Conservatives as the official opposition on July 4, according to polls. But what is clear, is that for this to happen, the Liberal Democrats winning in Bridgwater is crucial.

Indeed, for the new Bridgwater constituency, a MRP poll by Survation has placed the Liberal Democrats on a possible high vote of 27% – this is could be enough to beat both the Conservatives and Labour, but we need your support at the ballot box.

Polls with seat projections have varied on who will be the second largest party in parliament – the Conservatives or the Lib Dems, but one thing is for sure, Labour are set for a huge majority.

If the Liberal Democrats are to become the official opposition in parliament, putting the Tories into third, then winning Bridgwater is crucial.

Poll after poll following the manifesto releases this week have revealed the vote share for the Liberal Democrats rising, with both the Conservatives and Labour falling.

It’s little wonder why. A poll by YouGov assessing which of the parties policies are most popular, revealed Liberal Democrat policies as the top seven most popular with voters.

Leading the charts is the Liberal Democrat policy to fight cancer, with the Lib Dems pledging to enshrine in law a right for cancer patients to receive treatment within 62 days of referral.

Other popular policies include a right to see a GP within seven days, a free personal care plan for the elderly and disabled, tackling the sewage crisis with a tax on water companies, removing VAT on children’s dental products and increasing the minimum wage for care workers by £2/hour.

It is clear that the Liberal Democrats have the policies and a plan to fix the country’s problems and create a brighter future for all.

So, join the surge. Vote Claire Sully and the Liberal Democrats in Bridgwater, Burnham, Highbridge and surrounding villages.

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