Thank you

Dear friends

I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who supported and believed in me. I am very sorry I didn’t get the outcome you all deserved.

This has been one of the biggest challenges for me, but also one of the best experiences of my life.

I wanted to be MP for the area because of the affection I feel for the places and people I’ve met, even though I was told how tough it would be to win.

Across Somerset and nationally the Lib Dems have had some well deserved excellent results, and I’m delighted to see my hardworking candidate colleagues get the result they deserved. The future is brighter with our new Lib Dem Somerset MP’s.

I want to say thank you to a small and dedicated group of people and acknowledge what they have done for me during the campaign.

Thank you Alex, for everything and being amazing. Thank goodness one of us got the job we wanted.

Bill for being a campaign backbone and having my back on more than one occasion.

Curtis for campaign co-ordination extraordinaire. You have been a godsend.

Jane for your brilliant design skills and ideas, you are the best!

My agent Tina who has been so kind and helpful and dotted the i’s and crossed the T’s.

Neil and Bill B for confidence building and your creativity and skills.

Laura for being the kindest running buddy. Please keep going.

The local party for your wonderful support.

Somerset Lib Dems for your kind wishes and to Theo for the timely advice, you were right 🙂.

Thank you to the pole vaulters – didn’t quite reach that bar this time!

I want to also thank John C, Peter (and Graham) and the dedicated volunteers who hour after hour pounded the streets delivering leaflets. Special mention to Heather, Adrian, Peter and Janet, Phil (and Sue), Karen, Janice, Ganesh, Sharon, Lesley, Antony, Ross, Sarah, Tas, Gary, Mark, Kay, Saijad, Ajit and George. Thank you to those who donated time and money to the campaign. I also want to thank the work experience people who helped me, you inspired me with your ideas, your warmth and humour. I learnt from you. I want to thank the local media for always being so responsive to our stories.

Thank you to Gen, Andy, Zena, Lyn, Tracey, Tim, Chris, Christopher and my friends from Croscombe for your love and support.

Somerset is almost all yellow, let’s celebrate that!

With love and thanks


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