Batcombe’s Carbon Footprint Shock

When a group of villagers in Batcombe decided to explore ways of being more environmentally friendly, they discovered a big shock.

Using an online carbon footprint tool, Batcombe residents were able to work out that the carbon footprint measure per household in their Parish was over double the amount of the UK average. When compared with other similar sized villages, Batcombe Co2 emissions rating still stood out.

The online carbon impact calculator they used estimates the total amount of greenhouse gases produced directly and indirectly as a result of everyday human activities in the given locality, for example: Heating homes, using electricity, transport, producing and distributing food, disposing of waste, etc.

It allows Parishes to understand how focused action can make the biggest contribution to cutting local emissions, helping to combat climate change.

I was asked attend this inaugural meeting to support this new environmental group for Batcombe and surrounding areas.

The starting point for the group was simply: Why is Batcombe’s Co2 footprint double the amount of the average in the country? And what small, medium and significant long-term actions could be adopted to turn this around.

The next meeting is October 7th, 7pm, Old School Room, Batcombe, where the group will feedback on the actions discussed tonight to engage the local community and other stakeholders, helping people understand their environmental impact, encouraging them to take meaningful action for the benefit of all.

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