Change is in the air – Lib Dem Conference 2023

At the 2023 Lib Dem conference, in Bournemouth, there is a sense that political change is in the air

and there is a necessary optimism. We need a change of Government, more Lib Dem MPs in Parliament, so we can bring in policies that will help the millions of people who are worried about the consequences of the Conservative cost of living crisis and other failures, including the NHS crisis.

I have had a chance to listen to the ideas, to help develop them in policy sessions, and to think about what I can take back to my residents that will give them hope for their future.

Like Ed Davey’s plan for care, a 5 billion pound pledge, that will free up beds in hospitals and fund personal care effectively; along with a call to increase the minimum wage for carers.

Daisy Cooper announced an MOT for mental heath for people when they need it, reminding us that mental health is as important as physical health. Daisy also talked about mental health practitioners being in every school in her proposal.

For Somerset residents it is important that Local Government is given the necessary funding needed to deliver vital statutory services, like Adult Health and Social Care and Children’s Services. Being part of the largest group of Lib Dems in the Country, from Somerset, I am here representing the interests of those who have put their trust in me, part of a strong Somerset contingent.

Check out an ITV news item, which features a short clip / quote from me.

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