Claire Sully and the Liberal Democrats are on the surge in the new Bridgwater constituency!

Significant change is predicted to sweep much of the UK in the upcoming general election and in Bridgwater, and across Somerset, the Liberal Democrats are making seismic gains!

*Based on YouGov MRP poll,
March 2024

New and significant boundary changes ahead of the 2024 general election look set to create a sizeable change in the political landscape in Bridgwater.

In the last two months alone, Claire Sully and the Liberal Democrats are estimated to have increased their vote share by 3%, while the Conservatives are in free-fall and Labour have dropped in the polls*.

Based on these trends, Claire Sully and the Liberal Democrats can win in Bridgwater at the next general election.

In the May 2022 local elections, the Somerset Liberal Democrats swept to a landslide victory. If the result of this election was replicated at the general election, on account of the boundary changes from Bridgwater and West Somerset to the new Bridgwater constituency alone and adjusted for size, the Liberal Democrat vote would increase by 26%. The party would represent the biggest challengers to the Conservatives, while Labour is a distant third.

The new boundary changes will clearly have a profound impact on what colour the Bridgwater seat turns at the next general election. And here’s why.

The new Bridgwater constituency will encompass 17 wards for an electorate of more than 71,000 voters. To the north of Bridgwater, the constituency has gained the notable towns of Highbridge and Burnham-On-Sea – traditionally strong Liberal Democrat areas. In the east, the rural wards of West and East Poldens that were previously in the Bridgwater and West Somerset constituency have entered the Wells constituency, while in the west a large area of the former Bridgwater and West Somerset constituency will now form part of the Tiverton and Minehead constituency.

As is evident from the most recent election results, the Liberal Democrats are set to be the big winners from the new boundary changes in Bridgwater, making Claire Sully the leading challenger to the Conservatives at the upcoming election!

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