Claire Sully selected as Bridgwater Parliamentary Candidate for the Liberal Democrats

Somerset Councillor Claire Sully has been selected as the parliamentary candidate for the new Bridgwater constituency seat in a boost to the Liberal Democrats.

Widely recognised as a community champion and a hardworking elected Somerset councillor, Claire received overwhelming support from the Liberal Democrat members to contest the next general election within the newly created Bridgwater constituency.

Claire is keen to continue the winning Liberal Democrat momentum in Somerset following the outstanding results at the last local elections in 2022.  The Liberal Democrats won a majority on the Somerset Council in a ground-breaking election, with Claire winning more than 50% of the vote in her area.  She describes the Bridgwater constituency as ‘one of the most exciting in Somerset’ and believes the Liberal Democrats are the front runners to claim the seat from the failing Conservatives. Following the recent Liberal Democrat parliamentary byelection success in Somerton and Frome, where the party won a massive swing to overturn a huge Conservative majority, they are the real challengers in the new Bridgwater seat.

That result followed other huge Liberal Democrat victories in Tiverton and Honiton, North Shropshire and Cheshire and Amersham, all of which were traditionally Conservative-held seats.

In addition. Labour finished a distant third in the Somerset elections. The impressive recent election record for the Liberal Democrats in Somerset and elsewhere has seen swathes of traditional Tory voters switch to the party. 

The current Bridgwater and West Somerset constituency has been held by the Conservative Party since 2010.  However, the boundary changes mean that strong Liberal Democrat areas of Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge are incorporated into the new seat.  This sees the Liberal Democrats placed as the most prominent challengers to the Conservatives at the upcoming general election.  Based on the Somerset council elections results in May last year with the new boundary changes, this seat is set to be a two-horse race between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives.

 “It is an absolute privilege to have been selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate for the new Bridgwater constituency,” said Claire, following the vote of Liberal Democrat members.

“This new constituency is really dynamic.  It has massive potential and with its deep-rooted pride and strong communities, I very much identify with local people from my own upbringing in Somerset.  

“Having met many of the wonderful people across this new constituency, I am confident of unlocking the undoubted promise of these towns and villages.  Elected as the MP at the next general election, I would relish the opportunity to represent the constituency’s amazing residents, and as a visible, accessible and constituency MP I will take the local voice to the heart of government.”

Claire Sully, who runs her own marketing and tech business, has strong family ties to the Bridgwater constituency. Ahead of her selection as parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats, Claire has been hardworking in the constituency. She has been attending events, meeting people and was honoured to be a judge at the recent Carnival in Bridgwater.  She also attended the first community-led Eco Festival in Burnham on Sea and Highbridge.

“Of course, the outstanding Bridgwater Carnival is a highlight in the calendar for so many local residents and people who travel to the area for it.  It is a celebration of all that this region has to offer, including creativity and ingenuity. it was such a pleasure to be at the heart of it, spending time with some of the longest serving members of the Carnival community, some of whom have been involved for 50 years”, Claire continued.

“In the Bridgwater seat it will be an election battle between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives, who have woefully failed constituents with their mismanagement of the economy and the NHS, creating a cost-of-living crisis, and with scandal after scandal in parliament. Time is up for the Tories, we need a political reset at the next General Election, and the only way to ensure that is with a vote for a new Lib Dem candidate who has the passion and drive that will make a difference to local constituents’ lives.”

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N.B.The current MP in Bridgwater and West Somerset, Ian Liddell-Grainger, is not standing to be MP in the new Bridgwater constituency.

Somerset Council elections 2022 – New Bridgwater Constituency

Liberal Democrats            15,006                 35%

Conservatives                    19,541                  45.6%

Labour                                7,052                    16.4%

Green                                  791                       1.8%

Independent       `              474                       1.1%                    

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