High Street Bank Closures, does it matter?

Halifax is planning to close their Bridgwater branch, and Lloyds their Burnham-on-sea branch.

Has your local bank already closed or about to close? What does it mean to you and our local communities?

The banking giant Barclays has said it cut around 5,000 jobs in 2023 to “simplify and reshape the business”.

Lloyds say that 75% of their customers use other modes of banking, do the 25% not matter?

That’s one in four people, that’s one member of a family, at least one of our friends. We all probably know someone who would be affected by this happening in their high street.

The erasure of accessible experiences for people who will be disproportionately affected by brutal digitisation deserves to be called out for what it is: Companies making it harder for some members of our community to live so the big banks can line their own pockets.

How will this affect our bus usage, with many routes under threat already – the commercial bus companies say many bus routes not viable.

I believe it’s important to think about all members of our community, older people, young families.

Think about the recent attempts to close ticket offices all over the country, is there really that much difference with closing our banks, in the high street?

This decision is making banking less accessible for the technologically challenged, it’s also important to remind ourselves that for many people (senior citizens in particular) these person-to-person interactions underscore their day-to-day well-being, it’s symptomatic of the challenges that our high street are facing.

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  1. James Warren on January 12, 2024 at 5:08 pm

    Everyone, at some point, needs to have one on one customer banking advice. It could be advice on a business account, a suspect withdrawal, changing your account, mortgage advice, managing your payments. I remember when I had a burglary. They had my laptop, my passport and who knows what other sensitive information. Online, I instructed my back that I wanted to set up an entirely new account and move everything to that account. All they did was to send me a new card! It wasn’t what I asked for. I went to the bank, withdraw all my savings and moved it to a new bank. The point is, we never really know when we’ll have to speak to someone face to face.

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