Shining a light on the new Bridgwater Constituency

Claire Sully, the Lib Dem candidate for the new Bridgwater Constituency, boosted her credentials to become the new constituency’s first MP at the 2024 general election, after she held a hugely successful ‘Shine A Light On…’ event yesterday evening.

More than 60 people were in attendance for the ticketed event, in which Claire gave a passionate speech portraying her vision to prioritise people and to unlock the tremendous potential of the new Bridgwater constituency. 

Held at the 37 Club on the Gravity Smart Campus, near Puriton, the evening sought to highlight some of the incredible achievements and projects happening around Bridgwater, Burnham-On-Sea, Highbridge North Petherton and the constituency’s surrounding villages.

Among the speakers was Bill Revans, leader of the Somerset Council, and Claire Pearce, a director at the ground-breaking Gravity Smart Campus which is set to be a world-leader in the production of sustainable energy solutions. Tony Cradock also spoke about the excellent work (and future ambition) undertaken at the Morlands Community Hub in Highbridge.

Professional singer Tim Pitman, from Burnham-on-Sea, provided the entertainment for the evening. An auction of items, showcasing local makers was also an unequivocal success.

After the event and having spoken to several attendees and supporters who are undertaking brilliant work in the constituency, Claire said: “This event has really demonstrated the brilliance that Bridgwater, Burnham and Highbridge, North Petherton and all our surrounding villages has to offer.

“It was fantastic to see so many people in attendance, all of whom made the evening fun and a resounding success.

“I’m grateful to Claire Pearce, Bill Revans and Tony Cradock, who all gave superb speeches and are examples of the amazing people we can celebrate within this constituency.

“The message from the evening was clear; a new Bridgwater constituency requires a new voice. A voice that will prioritise the people of Bridgwater, Burnham and Highbridge and unlock its potential. I will be that voice for all. To anyone wanting a change in direction and the best for this new Bridgwater constituency, we can all unite and do this together.”

Gravity director Claire Pearce in her speech shed more light on the project, which is situated on a 616-acre site near Puriton. The site has been the subject of an announced £4 billion investment from Agratas to construct a gigafactory, which will provide 4,000 jobs in a significant boost to the local economy. It was also announced on Wednesday that a new leisure centre, open to residents, would be built at the 37 Club where yesterday’s ‘Shine A Light On…’ event was held.

Claire Pearce highlighted the importance of upskilling now and for future generations in the local area and the economic benefits to the local community that the Gravity site will provide.

Bill Revans told the audience that Claire Sully represents a new generation of genuine, community-focused politicians, building on the momentum of a strong Lib Dem presence throughout the county.

Claire told the packed room: “I am proud to be running for MP here in what I think is the most exciting area in the county, if not the country, with so much to offer, opportunities and potential.. 

“What makes it great is the people and the communities, who drive things, day in day out.  As MP I will be a strong, passionate voice for those communities.”

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