Taking steps to improve travel connectivity in Burnham and Highbridge

I am supporting Local Councillors and Volunteers in seeking improvements to travel access and connectivity around Burnham and Highbridge.

Two meetings, with more are planned, have been held at Highbridge Railway Station with train operator GWR to push for upgrades to the station. This initiative is led by Burnham and Highbridge’s Mayor Cllr Lesley Millard, with the council’s Climate and Ecology Working Group. The aim is to improve public transport and connectivity in both towns. They are looking to link buses, trains, cycle routes and footpaths.

Photo by Mark Newman, www.burnham-on-sea.com

We discussed several potential upgrades with Luke Farley, transport integration manager from GWR, to develop several projects.

I am working with, supporting and helping the Town Council to get the best outcomes for local people by working with partners, Somerset Council and GWR, in this case.

Rather than solely see problems, we are looking at solutions that will build on the deep-rooted pride in our strong communities, throughout the constituency. What shines through for me is how passionate the Town Council are for delivering for the local community.

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